Unique selection of urns

Once the cremation has taken place, the family needs to choose the last ‘home’ of their loved one: the urn. This final resting place deserves to be well crafted, faithfully reflecting the personality of the deceased, made with care and built with quality materials. Our standards, when it comes to urns, are very high; we do not buy from distributors who exploit cheap labor to sell low quality products regardless of the impact. Since we encourage local companies and craftsmen, our prices are still very competitive and our variety of wooden urn unmatched.

We have a wide variety of models and make. We carry urns made out of wood, marble, sandstone, brass, copper or glass but we also have urns made of other materials. Our offer also includes mini urns we call ‘keepsakes’, jewellery, candles, etc.

Because our suppliers are local, we are able to provide you with unique and even personalized models.