At your Service since 1918

When losing a loved one, it is normal to be emotional and when we are emotional we usually are not very good at being rational. Unfortunately, we need to take care of all sorts of decisions, big or small, to make sure the lost ones we loved get the honour and respect they deserve.

Our mission, at F. Aubry & Fils Inc., is to be a helping hand in your times of need by assisting you with the rational components while you deal with matters of the heart.

Providing you with compassionate, professional and attentive services has been our reason to exist for over a century. That is why you will never get an answering machine when you call us; this difficult time you are going through requires our entire dedication.

Because we understand that each situation is different, we are extremely flexible in order to make sure you get exactly what you want for your loved one, within the budget available to cover the expenses of this trying event.